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We know Wisconsinites are hardworking, dedicated people. Regardless of where you work, or what your position may be, you deserve to be taken care of after a workplace injury. An injury can completely upheave your life. Between lost income, rest and healing, medical bills, therapies and more, a workplace injury can lead to a lot of expenses and stress. Your workplace injury is not your fault, and you deserve to have quality legal representation to ensure you receive the scope of benefits you deserve. 

That’s where we come in. At Fitzgerald Law Firm, we serve as an advocate for clients. Our experienced and dedicated legal team works tirelessly to ensure each of our clients receives the time and compensation necessary to heal and recover while maintaining the integrity of day to day life.

Our comprehensive strategy means we work proactively through the workers’ compensation process. We start with understanding the details of your case, carefully listening to your concerns. We answer any questions, and clearly explain the process to ease your stress. We then work diligently to fight for the benefits and compensation you deserve, while remaining communicative and responsive throughout. 

The workers’ compensation process can feel daunting. You do not need to walk through this process alone. Having a workers' compensation attorney advocate for you will help ensure you get the results you are entitled to. If you’ve been injured at work, call Fitzgerald Law for a free consultation to see how we can help you. 

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a program that provides medical and wage benefits for people who have been injured at work. Every state has its own benefit packages, and offers different options of compensation. Technically, workers’ compensation is an agreement between business owners and their employees. By signing up for compensation insurance, businesses are protected against civil lawsuits from individuals injured on the job. This, however, means injured employees have to go through a grueling application process to receive workers’ compensation. 

Insurance companies sometimes try to minimize or deny benefits due to application technicalities, or by questioning the injury at hand. The process is time consuming, stressful and confusing. By teaming up with an attorney, you have representation who can cut through the red tape, working quickly to ensure you have the time and compensation to heal completely. 

The team at Fitzgerald Law is knowledgeable and experienced in compensation law. If you are looking for a team member to advocate for your case, don’t hesitate to reach out for your free case evaluation. 

Your Rights on the Job

If you have been injured, or acquired an illness at work, there’s a good chance you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer likely enrolled in workers’ compensation insurance, meaning you can apply for benefits to cover expenses as you recover. 

No-Fault System: Workers’ compensation works through a program called the no-fault system. This means, you don’t need to struggle to prove who was at fault after an injury. It allows you to immediately receive benefits and compensation, even if you were technically at fault for an injury that happened in the workplace. 

Notable Exceptions: If you were under the influence of any drugs or alcohol during your injury, you likely will NOT be owed compensation. The same if you deliberately caused the accident. There is some gray area here, so it’s still important to contact an attorney and work through a consultation to protect your rights. 

Claims Against Employer
: When a business buys into workers’ compensation insurance, it largely protects them from personal injury claims. It’s essentially a trade. You agree not to press charges, and in exchange you are covered for medical bills, treatment, time away from work, etc.  However, it should be noted that if your injury occurred because your employer was attempting to deliberately hurt you, you can still file personal injury suits against them.

How Fitzgerald Law Firm Can Help 

The last thing you need is to wade through the workers’ compensation process while you’re healing. Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience guiding Wisconsinites through the workers’ compensation process. We have the resources and the experience needed to ensure you receive the compensation you are owed.

Types of Benefits: 

  • Wage Replacement: If you are suffering an injury or illness from a workplace accident, you may have to lose work days while you recover.  You may be entitled to wage replacement, which allows you to collect a portion of your lost income.
  • Future Wage Loss: If you have permanent restrictions that reduce or preclude your ability to earn a living, you are entitled to be compensated for the years to come.
  • Medical Expenses: Medical expenses can include emergency room visits, prescription medications, surgeries, and other costs. We work to ensure your workers’ comp benefits cover all such medical expenses related to your work accident.
  • Permanent Disability: For most injuries that result in surgery or restrictions, you likely are entitled to a permanent disability payment — even if a surgery fixes the problem.
  • Retraining: If your work-place injury led to a disability where you can no longer complete your specific work obligations, retraining benefits allow you to be paid two-thirds of your weekly wages while enrolled in a schooling program to re-enter the workforce. You are also entitled to tuition, books meals and mileage.
  • Death: If you experienced the death of a loved one after a workplace injury or illness, workers’ compensation may cover funeral expenses, medical bills, and other costs related to their death.

Getting injured on the job is a frustrating experience, especially considering the time off needed to recover. The last thing you need is to wade through the workers’ compensation process alone while you’re healing. Attorney Rachel Fitzgerald has over 15 years of successful experience guiding Wisconsinites through the workers’ compensation process. 

We have the resources and the experience needed to ensure you receive the compensation you are owed. If you have been injured at work, call our team at Fitzgerald Law for a free case consultation, today. 

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