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Our communities are comprised of thousands of dedicated, hard workers, each striving to create a fulfilling life for themselves. Unfortunately, people with disabling diseases or injuries are often not provided the tools and aid they deserve to be productive, healthy members of society.

People should not be treated as if their disability is an excuse not to work. Disabilities are never the individual's fault, and we believe each of our social security disability clients deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. 

At Fitzgerald Law Firm, we work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of people with disabilities or debilitating injuries. Our experienced, dedicated legal team works to ensure our clients receive the disability benefits they deserve in order to build a fulfilling life.

The social security application process can be grueling, stressful and difficult — and unfortunately often leads to rejection. Working with our legal team helps to ease the process. We start with a complimentary case evaluation, listening to the details of your situation and listening to your concerns. We answer any questions, and clearly explain the process to ease your stress. We then work through the application process, fighting on your behalf to get you the benefits you deserve, while remaining by your side throughout. 

The social security application process is incredibly daunting, and we are here to ensure you don't have to walk this journey alone. Having an attorney advocate for you will ensure you get the results you are entitled to. If you have a disability or debilitating injury, call Fitzgerald Law Firm for a free consultation to see how we can help you get back on your feet. 

What is Social Security Disability?

The Social Security disability program is a federal program that provides assistance to people with disabilities. There are a variety of assistance options depending on each individual situation. These programs exist for people with severe mental or physical disorders, and prevent their ability to get or hold a job indefinitely.

These injuries or disorders can be work-related, but does not need to be. Because of the longevity of the program, the application process can be long and difficult. Working with an experienced social security disability attorney increases a person's chance of receiving social security, and will also minimize the stress of the application process. 

The Benefits of Having a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security benefits are difficult to obtain, and applicants are often rejected. This is largely because social security benefits are expected to continue indefinitely. While workers’ compensation covers temporary injuries and recoveries, social security is for disabilities or injuries that prevent a person from ever working.

You or a loved one may be entitled to: 

  • Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD or SSDI):  This common benefit covers recently employed people who are now disabled. 
  • Disabled Adult Child Benefits (DAC):  This benefit goes toward disabled children and young adults between the ages of 18-22. They may be eligible for benefits if their parents receive Social Security retirement benefits or SSD, or are deceased.
  • Disabled Widow or Widower (DWB):  This benefit option is available to widows or widowers over the age of 50 who develop disabilities within seven years of their spouses' deaths. 

If you are owed social security benefits, navigating that path is nearly impossible to do alone. The amount of representation, documentation and length of the process can feel like an uphill battle, and almost everyone needs attorney advocacy to guide them through and ensure benefits. Having someone in your corner will minimize stress during the application process and will increase the likelihood of approval. 

How Fitzgerald Law Firm Can Help

Applicants who apply for social security are often rejected or give up, not because they aren’t owed benefits, but because the process is intimidating and hard to navigate. Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience representing Wisconsinites in the application or appeals process. We have the resources, the processes and the industry insight to guide you through Social Security and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. 

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