Important Questions to Ask Your Social Security Disability Lawyer

There are some instances when a workplace injury results in a permanent disability or a lifelong medical condition that prevents you from returning to work. In such cases, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, which provide ongoing financial security and peace of mind after losing the ability to work. 

It’s important to know that social security disability benefits are not the same as workplace compensation. Learn more about the differences between these two mechanisms in our recent blog post.

While the process to obtain these benefits can be complex and overwhelming, engaging a Social Security disability lawyer will put an expert in your corner to help you secure the benefits you deserve. Before choosing an attorney, schedule a consultation to see that the attorney is a good fit for your situation. Here are a few essential questions to ask your potential SSD attorney during your consultation:

Do I Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Because the application process can be so exhausting, especially while healing from an injury, it can lead to errors in your filing, which might mean your application will be denied. Having an attorney on your side will reduce stress and allow for proper injury recovery during the application process and ensure you receive your justified compensation.

If a previous application has been denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer during the appeal process can help you secure the benefits to which you’re entitled.

Do You Have Experience with Social Security Disability Cases?

It is crucial to ask your potential attorney about their experience with Social Security Disability cases. There are many areas of law, and using an attorney who does not understand how the specific SSD claims process works can be detrimental to your application. Asking questions like how many SSD cases they have worked on and if they have experience with similar cases to yours can help determine if the attorney has the expertise required for your claim. Attorney Rachel Fitzgerald has over 15 years of experience successfully guiding Wisconsinites through the SSD application and appeal processes and will be an invaluable advocate for you, no matter the situation. 

What Are The Disability Benefits I am Eligible To Receive?

A good Social Security disability attorney will be your expert guide to the benefits available and the eligibility requirements to receive them. Your SSD attorney will be an advocate for you, ensuring you receive the benefits for which you qualify. 

Compensation can apply to a number of situations, and different benefits are tailored to best serve the needs of the individual. You or a loved one may be entitled to: 

Attorney Rachel Fitzgerald has the resources and experience needed to secure the compensation you are owed. Learn more about each of these benefits here

Schedule a Consultation

The process to apply for Social Security disability can be long and difficult, and many individuals who apply are often rejected or give up due to the intimidating process. Attorney Rachel Fitzgerald has years of experience with the application and appeals processes and has the resources and industry insight to help you navigate the process and receive the benefits you deserve. Take an important step in securing your compensation and schedule a free consultation today.

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