Documents to Bring to a Consultation with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

An injury can completely upheave your life. Between lost income, rest and healing, medical bills, therapies and more, a workplace injury can lead to a lot of expenses and stress. 

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be wondering if you are eligible for workers’ compensation and, if so, how to secure those benefits. The process can be complicated, and a workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the system and gain peace of mind. 

When meeting with an attorney for an initial consultation, knowing what documents to bring will help an attorney ensure you get the benefits to which you are entitled.

Here are some documents to gather before your initial consultation.

Employment records

Every detail matters, and even documents that seem to have obvious information can play a big role in determining if your claim is approved. Get your workers’ comp attorney up to speed by providing records of the following:

  • Date of hire,
  • Position title, description, and job duties, and
  • Recent bank statements or pay stubs so the attorney can better estimate your benefits if your claim is approved.

Summary of the workplace accident

Thorough and accurate documentation about the accident in question is crucial when filing a workers’ compensation claim, and the more information you have here, the better case your attorney can make so you can secure the benefits you deserve. It’s important to begin gathering and recording these documents immediately after an injury in the workplace occurs, as it may be difficult to go back and secure the information after the fact. 

Documentation to provide your attorney should include:

  • The date of the injury,
  • A copy of the written injury notice given to your employer,
  • The contact details and name of the supervisor you notified of your injury, as well as the date they were notified,
  • The contact details and name(s) of any witnesses to the injury,
  • A written copy of the employer’s accident report,
  • Any photographs of the injury, and
  • Copies of any communication between you and your employer concerning the injury.

Summary of medical expenses

Medical bills can pile up quickly and, depending on the severity of the injury sustained, may be the largest financial and emotional burden to come from a workplace incident. To ensure all costs are accounted for and paint an accurate picture of the incident for your claim, be sure to gather all documents regarding treatment and expenses, such as:

  • The name and address of the location where you were treated for your injury,
  • The contact details and name of the physician who treated you,
  • Dates of treatment,
  • Medical records of your diagnosis and any treatment you underwent, and
  • A copy of any medical bills you have received for treatment.

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The process to secure workers’ compensation does not have to be painful. Attorney Rachel Fitzgerald is an expert at navigating the workers’ compensation process, practicing with knowledge, compassion and open communication to help secure the benefits and care you deserve. Take an important step in securing your compensation and schedule a free consultation today.

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